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30-Day Smoothie Booster Packs


Stay hydrated, ease digestion, and lose weight!



+High Fiber Content
+Great Source of Protein
+ZERO Sugar
+Daily Value of Iron
+Vegan Friendly
+Mix into any smoothie or shake
+Retained Nutrients


No Preservatives. No Additives. Simple, Raw Nutrition.
Organic Wheat Grass
Organic Flax Seed
Organic Cocoa Powder
Organic Chia Seeds

Organic | Non-GMO | Vegan | Soy Free | Dairy Free | Gluten Free
What it is:
A 30-day supply of pre-measured, high quality superfoods. This blend helps to deliver nutrients such as protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron and much more.

The Results:
Along with a healthy diet, a packet of booster blendz will fill you up and help your body digest foods properly. You will be able to curb cravings for more food and it’s hydrating effect will help steer you away from sugary foods. This ultimately helps aid in weight loss.

How it’s made: 
Our finely produced superfood blends are grown organically and are non-GMO. After being grown maturely, the plants are dried, then ground into a fine texture to make blending into smoothies easy.

The ingredients are carefully measured then blended into pouches that keep the superfoods fresh and ready to go. Our process makes for the highest quality of nutrients possible and helps to make your smoothie that much better.

What it does:
The 30 packets are made to easily blend into your favorite smoothie recipe. Simply make the smoothie you love, add one booster blendz packet and enjoy.

The four major ingredients are said to help stabilize the acidity in your body, improve digestion, improve hydration and keep you energized. The ingredients are called superfoods for a reason.

This box contains:
-30 pre-measured and pre-packaged smoothie booster packs

What it is formulated WITHOUT: 
– Pesticides
– GMO’s

1 Packet includes:

Calories – 105
Potassium – 120.91mg
Sodium – 0mg
Carbohydrates – 13.5g
Dietary Fiber – 5.95g
Sugars – 0g
Protein – 5.3g
Vitamin A – 75% DV
Vitamin C – 30% DV
Iron – 123% DV

Booster Blendz was created purely out of convenience but after discovering all the benefits, it became a necessity. Each packet is designed to deliver the nutrients that a lot of our diets lack. Commonly, not enough people are receiving the proper amounts of fiber, iron and protein in a given day. This was my first focus when creating this blend. I wanted to make a product that would help people get the right amounts of fiber and protein. These two nutrients are extremely important for proper bodily functions throughout the day.

Smoothies are a great source of nutrients and I knew that combining Booster Blendz with a smoothie would be a game changer. It’s almost like taking a multi-vitamin but with a lot more flavor and benefits. We make smoothies FUN and that much more AMAZING!

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Flax seed is jam packed with Omega-3’s and lignans, 75 times more than any other plant food. It has has both soluble and insoluble fiber and it’s omega-3 fatty acid can withstand extreme temperatures. Flax is easy to digest and provides a great source of necessary nutrients in an easy-to-eat form.

Raw Cacao powder contains a high concentration of antioxidants. Cacao is known as one of the richest sources of Magnesium in any food source out there. Magnesium is responsible for much of the coronary systems in the body. Aside from magnesium and the abundance of antioxidants, cacao also contains high levels of calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. If there’s one ingredient you’ll love the most, it’s this one. Chocoholics say HURRAY!

Wheatgrass contains beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll, fiber, iron and vitamin K. It has a substantial amount of chlorophyll, helping detoxify the body providing an alkalizing effect. Your body gets very acidic and wheatgrass helps balance the pH levels in the stomach. This allows the body to absorb nutrients at a fuller capacity. In doing this, more oxygen gets delivered to our cells, making blood flow more efficient. You’ll notice a natural boost of energy throughout the day as wheatgrass teams up with the other three ingredients.

Chia seeds are able to hold 10 times their weight in water making them highly hydrophilic. Many runners eat chia seeds on a regular basis because they can store water and deliver hydration throughout long runs. Scientists believe that chia seeds are great for diabetics because they slow down the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars creating more stable blood sugar levels. In fact, chia is great for weight loss as well due to its ability to block calorie intake and to make your stomach feel fuller so that you seem to be less hungry.

“I got this as a sample. I was pleasantly surprised. Love this product.”    -Lori


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Booster Blendz is a company founded on three core values with one principal, to bring health and wholeness to our members. We create exciting blends of superfoods, pre-measured and individually packaged for immediate enjoyment. We focus on delivering a BOOST of nutrients to the everyday smoothie or shake recipe.